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Super Bowl Cupcakes.

I stayed true to my plan and took a sleeping pill last night. CHECK. Went to bed at 10:15 and woke up at 8:57. Love those long sleeps. Sten and I made breakfast and then ran a couple errands before he was off, and I got down to baking business. 
I used a box for these cupcakes because I was lazy... But this frosting is high-class and makes up for my lack of effort on the cakes... It's the same one I used for Sten's golden Birthday cake, it's so good, I couldn't resist making it again. 
Let the Super Bowl began!
 dreamy, creamy, yellow butter batter.
Fluffy, rich, chocolate butter cream frosting

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was so clever and easy. How did I ever live without Pinterest?? If you have a cake mix box in your cupboard you can whip these up quick for the SB tomorrow!

I went to the gym this afternoon with the intention of a quick run and some weight lifting. I got so into my run that I stayed on the tred for 60 minutes while watching Legally Blond. I guess I was working up my appetite for pulled pork sandies with cilantro- jalapeno slaw, football cupcakes (which I won't be eating), pickle roll-ups chips and dips...etc... More recipes to come.