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Wednesday Wows.

Last year today we were snuggled into Mim's house watching "Snow-ma-gedon 2011" happen outside the window. It was the perfect time to be snowed in because Bryce, Ryann and Drake were in town and we had so much time just to hang out and be together. This year today it was 47 degrees and sunny, with no snow on the ground. I think that classifies as a Wednesday Wow!

Other Wow's include:

Our small group: which has slowly formed into a tight-knit group of friends. I look forward to our meaningful conversations and laughter each week. I think about each and every person in our group throughout the week, and am abundantly thankful that God chose to bring us together.

Yoga. Happy baby, downward dog, plank, triangle, half moon-- i love it all.

Passing up: Dunkin Donuts munchkins, chocolate cake, mini cheesecake, candy, and lemon cake. Day 1 of no-sweet February: CHECK!

xo. e