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Door County, WI

When in Door County ...... a quick snap shot:
my 3 favorite pics from the weekend.

first stop: Bayside Tavern.

looks 100% Wisconsin.
Corsica Bread and wine at Door County Bakery. 

warm fire + games 
Bowling, old school.

The Carlson's won... Sorry!
Ephraim hike.

such a beautiful day.

We had a great weekend in DoCo. It was relaxing, sunny and wonderful. We ate lots of great food, played games and explored Ephraim. What a special place, and SO very different in the summer
Tomorrow I don't work so I plan on starting the day with spinning class, signing up for my free week of core power yoga and getting my week in order.

xo. e


  1. You two have the COOLEST life! Seriously! You need to publish a book, Erica, and call it "How to Live" - or something!


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