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Breakfast Burritos + Bikes!

Our first bike of the season!

Sun, warm sun! Sten and I continued our tradition and oiled up the gears, pumped up the tires and took our bikes for a spin this afternoon (7 days earlier than last year)! We loved it... It brought me right back to summer when we would hop on our bikes and head straight to Foster beach for a day in the sun, aaaaaaah, can't wait for those days!
Sten is on Spring Break right now, and he was planning on going camping with a buddy. I wanted to send the boys with some breakfast burritos to enjoy before hitting the river, so Sunday night we whipped up a batch, and it's so easy and delicious, I thought I'd share.
All wrapped up and ready for the open fire!
 potatoes, peppers and onions
 add the eggs.
 top with cheese
 and watch it melt!
 divide it up
wrap it in a flour tortilla and seal it in foil.
These can be kept in the fridge for a couple days, or frozen for a couple months.
To warm them up wrap in a damp paper towel and microwave for 30-60 secs.
If you're taking them camping, heat over fire.

Breakfast Burritos:
12 flour tortillas
10 eggs
1 C cheese
Peppers and onions
1 potato

Mix in anything you want! Scramble them up and top with cheese then wrap up tight! 
These are so tasty! 

Off to watch Biggest Loser with Sten!
Can't wait to see the sun tomorrow.