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Curry Chicken, J + M, and lots of sunshine in March.

I was so excited for my sister to come visit. It has been a weekend for the books (or the blog)! After a little Chicago traffic Jessica and Mike arrived on Friday, just in time for some Pioneer Woman Chicken Curry.  This was a tasty dish, that was out of my comfort zone, but real delicious. After going out for Indian food a few weekends ago with some friends, I wanted to venture out on my own.... and I did! 

 onion, tomato, jalapeƱo, and lots of garlic
 cooking the curry

Serve over rice.

This recipe, has many steps, and quite a few ingredients. You really have to commit to it. But-- it's worth it! Full of flavor, and a great dish if you're in the mood for something healthy, Indian, and delicious. I served with rice, garlic naan bread, and asparagus. We were stuffed! My counter is still dyed yellow from the curry powder (how do you get that out?).

I just love my sister. She gets me. She makes me calm, and spazzy all at the same time. She loves life, her husband and that little baby boy in her belly. I can't wait to see her be a mama. So glad we got to be with them this weekend.

 We went to the new fro-yo place in Lincoln Square after a matinee at the Davis. SO good. For dinner we went to Lucky's! I've been wanting to try this place forever... and since my brother-in-law is the king of sandwiches I thought this would be PERFECT and it was!!! This morning we went to Church and got to hear Sten preach and show J and M where we spend our weekends.

This was the view in the city today. It was a gorgeous day. One of those I-could-stay-outside-all-day-and-love-my-life kind of days. No complaints. Just very thankful that I got to go on a long run in the sun :)

Sten's going fishing/camping tomorrow with Pete. I will be watching the Bachelor alone and loving every minute of it. I already know the outcome, but that doesn't make a difference... My friend Erin sent me a picture of Ben being compared to Francine from Arthur. Have you seen it? Bah! So funny! Thanks Erin -lu!

Happy week to all!



  1. Love that you used the pic and you thought it was as hilarious as I did! Miss you and lu!


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