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.greeeeeen river.

Check it off my 26 list! Done. 
photo credit: Stenny.
 We started our day by sleeping in, waking up to the sun, some coffee, and these delicious scones on my adorable new cake plate from Mim. 
 After some fuel, we hopped on our bikes for the 10 mile ride downtown. 
 After a quick stop for a photo op of our glorious city without a cloud in the sky, we got back on to finish our adventure.
 Success! We found it! Can you see the Hyatt across the river? That's my work place!
 Sten is smiling because we are finally off our bikes. :)

We left our bikes locked up and ventured into the skyline. I've never seen so much green. There were a million: people, strollers, headbands, leprechauns, dogs, and sunglasses..... Everywhere we went. We settled on lunch at Weber Grill (since I had a $20 Birthday coupon that expires tomorrow) and enjoyed our lunch to the MAX!  Extremely stuffed, we made the trek back to our bikes and sailed home and CRASHED! Combination of: sun, 20 mile bike ride and weber grill made for a tired Sten and Erica. Tired, but happy knowing that today was one of those days we will never forget. Oh Chicago. You got me today!

Last night we got to babysit Elin. This little munchkin is the cutest thing you will ever see. She just smiles and laughs and gives hugs and makes the best faces in the world. We played outside until bed time and I snapped this picture while Sten was reading her favorite book. Can you say priceless? I just love her so much. xo!