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sunshine in the city + iPhone photos.

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I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday- this week was just one big blur, in a good way! Highlights:
  1. I had Tuesday off and instead of being responsible and getting things checked off my list, I took full advantage of the first glimpse of Chicago spring. I capped off the night by sitting outside on my co-workers porch drinking champagne and eating dark chocolate caramels and chatting- for hours.
  2. I moved into my new desk at work
  3. Discovered Scrubbing Bubbles and it changed my life! Best purchase of 2012. It literally does the work for you.
  4. Running outside again. I don't know if you can read that sign or not, but it says 73 degrees. I don't know if it's correct or not, but I'll take it!
It's been a wonderful week, and I cannot wait for my sister and bro-in-law to come tomorrow! I am making a Pioneer Woman recipe for their arrival and I am looking forward to trying a new restaurant and going to see Sten preach on Sunday.

xo. e