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Thursday Life + iPhone Photos.

I've been spending a lot more time on me lately, and less time on other things. I think this is okay and have enjoyed quiet time on the train, more nights in, and grand conversations with Sten about the way God is clearly working in our lives. I feel especially thankful for a husband who's heart is solid and who's character is impeccable. Those 2 things make marriage to Sten more wonderful than words can express. 

I haven't made anything 'blog worthy' of sharing until last night (recipe to come)... but here's a little update on life over the past few days....

On Saturday morning I made breakfast in bed for Sten.
Really feeling the Birthday love. These are all STILL on our kitchen table
On Saturday afternoon we went to Andersonville to check out the scene and get some coffee/play games. Sten won.
 Sunday I got to hang out with this little rockstar all day. Elin is hilarious and I love her so much!
I am working straight through the weekend for a big Texas Instruments Conference (think ti 83 calculators). I don't mind. When the hotel is busy, days go by fast and I enjoy my days off even more. Sten's out in Geneva this evening. I have been listening to my feel good tunes and cleaning. No complaints!

Happy March 1 to all.