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weekly snapshot: iphone photos

 Sunday: I was the slide advanc-er at church... brought me back to my days at Community Covenant as the overhead projector girl. I must say: power point is a lot easier than switching out projector slides hoping they don't get out of order or fall off the table! I may or may not have done some doodles during the service...
 Tuesday: Hunger Games with my co-workers... The odds were in my favor and I LOVED IT!
 Wednesday: Small group FEAST at Kate and Peters. And by feast I mean; Korean ribs, salad, asparagus, potatoes, rolls, and this LOVELY chocolate amaretto cake. They really out did themselves. It was such a blast to share a meal together and finish the book we have been studying all year. I love these pictures!

 Thursday: (top) Andrew and Kate came downtown and met me for lunch! What a treat! (bottom) Lincoln Square wine stroll-- This was an absolute BLAST and I am already excited for next year. We sipped, strolled, and tasted our way through Lincoln Square. So fun.

It was a good week capped off this morning by interviewing a potential hire! What a treat-- it's possible that in 2 weeks I can say goodbye to 4:50a mornings for life :)

xo. e