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photo snapshot.

 I realized after looking back over my pictures that most of them on Easter contain little Elin. It's just because she is so darn cute. We had a wonderful day with Sten's family.
 Ready for church.
 Easter egg hunt!
 I picked out Sten's Easter outfit by typing in "Men's Fashion" on Pinterest :)
 This week has been AMAZING! I haven't had to go into work until 8a everyday! That means coffee and breakfast each morning with Sten! It's so awesome!
 On Wednesday we had a small group bonfire at Pete and Anne's! It was the most perfect bonfire night ... cool, calm and great company... AND S'mores!

My co-worker Jordan and I have been running home from work 1x a week for the past month. Yesterday was so beautiful. The sailboats were out, the sun was out and we had a great run. 6 miles goes by so much faster with a running buddy. I am so thankful for Jord-o!

We've really had a great week. Lot's of things going on- but in a good way! I can feel myself longing for lazy Saturday's at the beach soaking in the rays-- summer can't come soon enough!
In the meantime Sten and I will cozy up on the coach watching RedBox movies and eating pounds of Easter candy :)

xo. e