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Where I'd like to be....

Today is a wonderful day in Chicago. However, if I could be ANYWHERE today, here wouldn't be it. These are some of my favorite places:
Macinac Island, MI. The most magical place on earth. While Sten and I were dating at camp we took a trip here on a day off. It goes down in history as one of the BEST days of my life. We hiked, ate fudge, took tons of pictures and explored the island. I can't wait to go back someday and stay overnight. 

The window below all the plants was where I lived in Italy. Our flat was absolutely incredible. I lived with 5 of the most amazing girls and we talked about art, wine, guys, life, faith and traveling. Three of the most formative and fun months of my life were spent here.

In a one piece after "whip and strip" at Covenant Pines Bible Camp. This waterfront brings great memories from being a camper and a staff-er. This was the summer I met Emily and found a friend that I will cherish forever.
My Senior year apartment. This was the last day- we were already graduated, everything was packed. We moved our mattresses out to the living room, lit some candles, poured some wine and cried about how this chapter of our lives was over. This will forever be one of my favorite memories and definitely one of my favorite pictures.
This is a legit picture- no photo enhancing even! This is Isla Mujeres, where I have spent countless family vacations. This beach is incredible. This island instantly transports me to a slower pace and a carefree attitude. aaaaaahh, I want to be there right now with a book, and a marg.

Our first camping trip in Estes Park. We packed up the CRV and thought we were the coolest newlyweds on the planet. (we obviously were). We made the BEST food and fell in love with: Estes Park, our green garage sale chairs and camping in the beauty of Colorado
737 Zircon Ave. Our first home. I just love this picture. We were 23 and home owners--WHAT?! This was the best home and we loved it dearly. I wish we were sitting on the back porch, smelling the freshly cut green grass with Bryce, Ryann and Drake.
Hiking. Anywhere.

Around this table. Laughing with my family.
This is my sister/BIL's porch in St. Paul. Summer in MN is simply fantastic

Getting a big hug from this little man. Being on a beach is a bonus, but really anywhere Drake is I would like to be right now.
Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp. Sten and I spent a summer on staff here together. Sten's family is in LOVE with this place. So naturally I have no choice. But don't get my wrong, I can't wait to spend many more summers here with our kids building memories with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandma. This picture was taken at Family Camp last year. aaaahhh, Northern Michigan is seriously a hidden gem. 

On a tube, with my BFF, on vacation, in Door County. 

Sten and I talk often about living in the here and now. But sometimes, I just think about being somewhere else. I am thankful today for pictures that transport me to memories I will never forget.



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