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Amos Chandler.

They just don't come any cuter. Amos Chandler was born this morning at 7:43a, I love him with my whole heart already and am so proud of my sister for being so tough and trusting God with this new little life.  I can't wait to hold and kiss him, swaddle him, dote on him, sing to him, read to him... then when he gets a little older I can't wait to hear his first words and watch him run. I can't wait to see him giggle and think Uncle Sten is so funny, I can't wait to her him call me Aunt Erica and give kisses. I can't wait to see his mom and dad love him with the kind of love that is saved only for a child.  This precious little bundle couldn't be more perfect. Amos, I am honored to be your Aunt, and I can't. CAN'T wait to meet you. Love, Auntie Erica

Chain O Lakes.

Then my photos stop-- Sten and I rented a canoe and rowed around the "chain o lakes". It was the PERFECT weekend getaway. Only an hour from the city, we both said this may be our new summer get-away considering this summer is going to keep us kind of 'land-locked'. With Sten's chaplaincy at Northbrook, my work, and church on Sundays it doesn't look like we will be having as many Summer adventures as last year!

Camping is the best. Life is just slower on the campsite and there is NOTHING better than going to sleep with a fire and waking up to a fire and a cup of coffee.

xo. e.


it. has. been. a. while...! Some happenings :)

Sten and I have had a busy Spring. We spent some time in MN to celebrate my sister's baby shower, then headed to CO to see our new niece. Both were such great trips. I can't believe May is almost over and Summer is almost here. So excited for warm temps and summer days at the beach.

Biting my nails in anticipation for my sis to have her little baby boy.

Cheers to blogging--