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Amos Chandler.

They just don't come any cuter. Amos Chandler was born this morning at 7:43a, I love him with my whole heart already and am so proud of my sister for being so tough and trusting God with this new little life. 
I can't wait to hold and kiss him, swaddle him, dote on him, sing to him, read to him... then when he gets a little older I can't wait to hear his first words and watch him run. I can't wait to see him giggle and think Uncle Sten is so funny, I can't wait to her him call me Aunt Erica and give kisses. I can't wait to see his mom and dad love him with the kind of love that is saved only for a child. 
This precious little bundle couldn't be more perfect.
Amos, I am honored to be your Aunt, and I can't. CAN'T wait to meet you.
Auntie Erica


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