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it. has. been. a. while...! Some happenings :)

Baby shower in MN. Confirmation that my mom and  I should never be in charge of planning anything.
Breakfast with Gma Carlson.
dad and mom. seriously... so cute.
sis. i can't wait to meet that baby!
small group bday party for Petey.
Darby. Feels like we've been friends forever.
Rio Marg.

Brothers. Nephew. Hair. :)
Raine Ricky- our new niece. So beautiful and perfect.
Baby Raine is such a lady.

Loveland bike path. Used to run past here everyday.
Lake Loveland.
Drake. Being a boy.
Sten and I have had a busy Spring. We spent some time in MN to celebrate my sister's baby shower, then headed to CO to see our new niece. Both were such great trips. I can't believe May is almost over and Summer is almost here. So excited for warm temps and summer days at the beach.

Biting my nails in anticipation for my sis to have her little baby boy.

Cheers to blogging--