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reason 5,729 that I love summer.

Summer is my ultimate favorite season of all. I love when my hair is matted with sweat and hose water, my skin is bronzed with swimsuit lines, nights go on forever because the sun takes it sweet time to set, meals consist of whatever can be grilled, and your body aches to go outside for a run, a bike ride, or just to enjoy the sun with a book. 
Thursday-today was absolutely perfect weather. On Thursday Mandy, Jordan and I hung out poolside downtown with the city skyline as our backdrop:  View from Peter's pool deck I love this picture, it totally shows Mandy's intensity in the conversation.... I just love Mandy and Jordan. We are together all day at our desks, and then hang out after work-- is that normal?  aaahhh! Summa in the city.  Next place we move, I want to have a pool :)

Sten and I stayed in on Friday night and watched Hugo and ate snacks: Last week we had our friends Hannah and Josh over for dinner. They brought over 'five cheese garlic spread' from the Linco…

Today's thoughts + a very special HBD to my sissy!

I started doing something called Soul Detox as a recommendation from my lovely friend Emily. Its a short devotion and then a chapter or two from the Bible that pertains. My Sunday reading was as follows: Our thoughts matter so much. The thought really does count because what you think determines what you become. I have not been thinking the most positive thoughts about myself lately. Sometimes things come into your life at just the right time-- and I think I needed to hear that nugget of truth more than anything.

Other thoughts: I just love summer. I love that it is light in the morning and light in the evening. I love that lunch breaks feel so much better spent in the sun. I love walking home from the train planning my running route for the evening. ahhhh, sweet, sweet summa time.

To celebrate Wednesday Sten and I made nachos for dinner. So delicious and such a fun dinner to enjoy together. We capped off the night by our regular walk down Christiana and back. We have the route down t…

HomeMadePizza. + UPDATE.

This weekend has been good. Sten and I kicked it off with a gift cert to Dos Diablos, where we stuffed our face with delicious Mexican food and Margs. On Saturday I had to stop into work, ran home, then we headed out to the 'burbs to see Kate and Peters NEW HOME! It is beautiful and perfect and they are so grown up! I couldn't be more thrilled about their new adventure. After church today I had to stop back into work, then Sten and I went on a bike ride. We were hot and hungry when we got home, and for some reason Sunday has been our 'homemade pizza night'. It just seems to happen that way every week. There has been some REALLY good pizza's in the last few weeks, but today was especially good. Chicken Alfredo with sun-dried tomatoes, onions and green peppers. I am telling you.... Making your own pizza is as easy as 1,2,3.
1. Buy a crust (I always buy Better Crocker Simply Add Water. - I like to pre-bake the crust with a little EVOO, and spices....)