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HomeMadePizza. + UPDATE.

 This weekend has been good. Sten and I kicked it off with a gift cert to Dos Diablos, where we stuffed our face with delicious Mexican food and Margs. On Saturday I had to stop into work, ran home, then we headed out to the 'burbs to see Kate and Peters NEW HOME! It is beautiful and perfect and they are so grown up! I couldn't be more thrilled about their new adventure. After church today I had to stop back into work, then Sten and I went on a bike ride. We were hot and hungry when we got home, and for some reason Sunday has been our 'homemade pizza night'. It just seems to happen that way every week. There has been some REALLY good pizza's in the last few weeks, but today was especially good. Chicken Alfredo with sun-dried tomatoes, onions and green peppers. I am telling you.... Making your own pizza is as easy as 1,2,3.
1. Buy a crust (I always buy Better Crocker Simply Add Water. - I like to pre-bake the crust with a little EVOO, and spices....)
2. Smear your ingredients on the crust.
3. Bake.
We love trying new concoctions. But this one will definitely be repeated.
Here is my Pre-Baked crust. No one likes a soggy crust.
This is the best Pizza in the world- Thai Chicken. WHOA.
This is tonight's pizza. sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, onions, and green peppers...mmmm!

 This is called Sten and Erica MasterPiece. REAL pepperoni, and REAL mozzarella. We don't make this one very often because it is not the healthiest. But it might be the tastiest!

In other news.......
Blogging world. I have missed you.
I am going to use that lame excuse that "work has been busy"... because it is true! Seriously, where did May go?
May was a big month for Sten and I. We became Aunt and Uncle x 2! Couldn't be more thrilled. We take our duties as Aunt and Uncle pretty serious!
May also concluded Sten's 2nd year of Seminary... Can't believe we have 1 summer and 1 school year left. I feel like we just moved here.
I can already feel June is going to be a good hot summer month. These are some things on my wish list:
- Run in the heat (June starts my training for the October Marathon!)
- Bike to the beach
- Get Kate into the city so we can live like the rich and famous.
- Make fresh foods and try some new salad recipes.
- Go camping.
- Have a cookout at the home we are house sitting for a couple weeks.
- Eat lunch outside more and get some Vitamin D.
- Go to a pool.
- Go back to MN for a friend's wedding that I have known and loved since 5th grade :)

Tomorrow is Monday, but lets not forget how much I LOVE the Bachellorette, therefore, Monday's are fun again!


  1. Love it! We loved having you over! We need to plan our date for living like we are rich and famous:)


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