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reason 5,729 that I love summer.

Summer is my ultimate favorite season of all. I love when my hair is matted with sweat and hose water, my skin is bronzed with swimsuit lines, nights go on forever because the sun takes it sweet time to set, meals consist of whatever can be grilled, and your body aches to go outside for a run, a bike ride, or just to enjoy the sun with a book. 

Thursday-today was absolutely perfect weather. On Thursday Mandy, Jordan and I hung out poolside downtown with the city skyline as our backdrop:
 View from Peter's pool deck
I love this picture, it totally shows Mandy's intensity in the conversation.... I just love Mandy and Jordan. We are together all day at our desks, and then hang out after work-- is that normal?
 aaahhh! Summa in the city.
 Next place we move, I want to have a pool :)

Sten and I stayed in on Friday night and watched Hugo and ate snacks:
Last week we had our friends Hannah and Josh over for dinner. They brought over 'five cheese garlic spread' from the Lincoln square farmers market. This stuff is the BOMB. I had some homemade artisan bread left over and smeared this stuff in between some goat cheese and turkey bacon... talk about a delicious snack! Thank you to H + J. These two are incredible individuals with hearts of gold for the injustice in the world. I feel honored to call them my friends, as I KNOW they are changing the world.

 Saturday morning I woke up to heat! Went on a run, then Sten and I hopped on our bikes and headed to the beach. Oh boy was it ever glorious! Sand, water, sun, Sten = probably my favorite 4 things. After the beach, we headed out to the suburbs and had a quiet happy hour on the porch. Who knew 2 people could spend this much time together?! Sten is such a good sport when it comes to summer. I know he doesn't love the sun as much as I do. But he always goes to the beach with me. I couldn't be any happier when he is sitting next to me on the beach towel. How did I get so lucky, look at that smile. It makes my heart melt.
 We capped off our weekend with chicken sausages on the grill and corn on the cob... nothing screams summer more than those 2 things.

Weekends like this make Monday's pretty rough.
Cheers to June, Summer, Beach, Pools, Outdoor HH and Grilling.