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Today's thoughts + a very special HBD to my sissy!

I started doing something called Soul Detox as a recommendation from my lovely friend Emily. Its a short devotion and then a chapter or two from the Bible that pertains. My Sunday reading was as follows: Our thoughts matter so much. The thought really does count because what you think determines what you become. I have not been thinking the most positive thoughts about myself lately. Sometimes things come into your life at just the right time-- and I think I needed to hear that nugget of truth more than anything.

Other thoughts: I just love summer. I love that it is light in the morning and light in the evening. I love that lunch breaks feel so much better spent in the sun. I love walking home from the train planning my running route for the evening. ahhhh, sweet, sweet summa time.

To celebrate Wednesday Sten and I made nachos for dinner. So delicious and such a fun dinner to enjoy together. We capped off the night by our regular walk down Christiana and back. We have the route down to a 'T' and every night we find something crazy through someones window (not like we are looking or anything).
 My favorite memories of me and my sis are on family vacations in Mexico.

Last, but most certainly not least. Today is my sister's Birthday! I just love her to pieces. She has been the one I have always looked up to, laughed the hardest with, cried the majority of my tears with and survived  many fights, groundings, childhood, teen years, college years and now married years! I wouldn't be the person I am today without her and I thank God that I got HER as my sister. I truly am the luckiest girl in the world.
Happy Birthday J. This year is going to be filled with sooo much joy watching your little boy grow. I can't wait to see you be a mommy.



  1. I didn't see this before!!! I don't know how I missed it! love you sista! xoxoxo


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