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Individual deep dish chocolate chip cookies....

Happy Saturday! I wait for this day all week and then when it's here all I want to do is eeeek out every last minute. Sten and I stayed in last night to watch the OPENING CEREMONIES with what Matt Lauer said some 1 billion other viewers. We are easy to please and I loved every second of it (besides falling asleep through some of the D- J countries). One thing I was really disappointed in was the lack of Spice Girl representation in the 60's- 2000's music dance off. I think they really missed the mark there.
About half way through, I whipped up a Pinterest recipe I have been wanting to try since I pinned it last week- Individual chocolate chip cookie- warm, gooey, fast, DANGEROUS!

These are LEGIT! Sten and I couldn't believe it. I made them during a commercial break! That's why they are dangerous :) I found the recipe here, and then tweaked it a little because I think her ramekin is a little larger than ours. Here's what I did to make two: 1.5 TB butter, melted …

Knock You Naked Brownies.

It is no secret that I love Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are delicious and she makes cooking look interesting and beautiful. These brownies are no exception. They.are.intense! Gooey, ooey, rich and dreamy. These will knock you naked.
 My sissy gave me those measuring cups and I just love using them and thinking about her. Press half of the brownie mixture to the bottom of a square pan  Fresh out of the oven and smelling so good already!  Thank you KRAFT for making everyone's life a little easier.
 After pouring the caramel on top, sprinkle with chocolate chips.  Press the other half of the brownie mixture into a square  and then plop it on top.  bake.  Because this recipe doesn't have enough sugar as-is, sprinkle with powdered sugar.  still hot and goey and oozing out caramel and chocolate everywhere! Once the cooled they almost tasted better. Seriously. These brownies will knock you naked.
For better pictures, pioneer woman love, and the recipe- click here.
We are about to co…

Ravinia 2012.

One of my favorite things about Chicago is Ravinia. It's the perfect way to spend a summer night. I love planning what to bring, sitting on blankets in the grass, listening to music and sipping wine. Last Wednesday Sten and I met some friends from Batavia, it was a perfect evening until the storm clouds came. Talk about rain! We got completely drenched getting to the car. Later the reports said that Highland Park got 2.25 inches of rain that night (I think most of it fell while we were running to the car). We were pretty bummed that our night was cut short... but it was quite an adventure!
 I took the metra from downtown. Look at that bright sun...  .... and blue skies when we got to the park!  There was lots of good stuff. Sten prepped all our food because I had a really busy week. We made an orzo chicken salad, and corn dip that is a summer fav..  This is our Ravinia table. I got it at a thrift store once and found it very endearing.  Drinking wine by the lantern light. And the…

Summer StirFry. Wonder weekend.

This weekend went by so fast and was full of lots of really great things. I realized I needed it to remember some of my favorite things about life and living in the city- and to live in the now. Summer Stir-fry for our Saturday night dinner party.
 On Friday, on their way back from PLCBC in Michigan, I got to see this little man and his baby sister. I don't know how I got so lucky to have the cutest nieces and nephews, but... I do! Drake is so fun. Sten and I can't get enough of him. He makes us laugh and says the most hilarious things and with that little smile and those long blond locks- I just want to smother him with love.
 This is me in my most happy place on earth. Raine is so mini and adorable. Brothers and Sisters are so great. Sten and I think the world of B & R. After they sat in traffic coming into the city for 2 hours we went to the Daily for dinner and to catch-up.  Not pictured: #1.) the entire family sleeping in our tiny apartment. #2.) An early morning Ch…

The Phil and Laurel come for a visit...

What?! It's July? I can't believe it. That means summers almost over and I haven't documented a THING! June was a busy month. We were house sitting in Evanston, staying cool as best we could, I was able to go home to MN for a beautiful wedding, and to top it off, my parents came for a visit...   A Trip to Chicago is never complete without a visit to Tre Kronor for breakfast.
We had such a fun time and really packed a lot into a short weekend. My parents are supportive, loving, caring, carefree, risk-takers, young at heart and beautiful inside and out. We love spending time with them, and this trip was especially fun, bc it was on our turf :) On Saturday we biked downtown, stopped in the square for gelato and made grilled fajitas for dinner, on Sunday we were supposed to go on a Kayaking Architecture Tour- but a big storm came and luckily we cancelled in time! I found out this happened to the other kayakers that day:

The It was sad to say goodbye! I hate living far away, b…