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Swedish Coffee Toast

Back to real life today after a wonderful vacation and really there is only one thing that makes it okay.... Swedish Coffee Toast with Sumatra coffee. Aaahhhhhh, Goooood Morning!

This recipe comes to you courtesy of Sten's Grandma Kay Carlson. I think Swedish Toast goes down as one of my favorite things our marriage brought to my life. While Sten and I were dating, I went over to Grandma Carlson's so that I could learn to make this stuff- and I am so glad I did. These little dippers are buttery, almond-y, cardamon-y, Swedish and delicious!

Here is Sten and Grandma Kay at the cabin in Bay Lake MN. She is as lovely as she looks in this picture and such an example of a Godly woman. She loves her family and loves the Lord with her whole being, she is loyal and a true example of generous heart.

It seems like a really hard recipe, but its really not- for real
 just mix.
 bake.  cut.
 freeze.  slice.  and bake again.

Here's the recipe. I wish you could have mine, because it is h…

When we went to Michigan....

Sten and I went to Michigan this past week and had the time of our lives. I've never felt luckier to be right where we are right now, and I felt more content with life than I have since forever. We both decided we really like vacation and seem to be really happy. Interesting- huh?
Things we did:
Day 0.5:
- sat on the dock, listened to crickets, looked at the stars, inhaled the sweet smell of summer time and talked about us.
Day 1:
- slept in.
- turned our music up loud, put our windows down and drove to the point.
- laid in the sun, read our books, dipped our toes in the water and listened to the waves crash against the coast.
- wine tasted in Onekama.
- turned our music up loud, windows down and drove to Arcadia lookout.
- dined in style at the Bluffs.

 this is my favorite view in the whole world.

 Sten took this picture. It doesn't even capture the full beauty of this place.  Day 2:
- slept in.
- packed up.
- hiked the baldy trail.
- picnic lunched.
- turned our music up…