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my main squeeze.

Sten and I celebrated Jake and Ashley's wedding last night and it was SUCH a joyous occasion. I love weddings and this one was especially fun as there were so many North Parkers in attendance that we hadn't seen for a while.
I love the speeches most of all. I love hearing the point of view of the best man/ maid of honor. After the jokes there is ALWAYS that moment where they share how much more complete their best friend is, now that the bride or groom has met their match. I sure feel that way. Sten is MY other half. There is no one else I would rather come home to, cook with, watch TV with, play games with, run errands with... do life with. Ashley's maid of honor closed her speech with this phrase: 'may today be the day you are LEAST in love'. I just love that- what a perfect statement for newly weds and a wonderful reminder of how much Sten and I have grown together over the last few years.

We had the laziest morning ever, made pancakes, then I decided to go on my weekend training run in the 95 degree heat (not a good idea ). The rest of the day I didn't feel right and I think I was so dehydrated that I was not myself... oops! Won't be doing that again!

Anyway, I am still thinking about that wedding last night. Here are a couple other pics:

Congratulations Jake and Ashley! Cheers to a lifetime of love. 
xo. e