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Swedish Brownies ++

Swedish Brownies are delicious! They are a total treat- and SUPER easy. This is another Mama Print specialty. It's probably the only non-chocolate recipe that is in my mom's recipe box that she makes on the regular. It's a crowd pleaser- especially around my North Park friends- who love anything with "Swedish" in the title :)
They are almond-y, light, dense and airy at the same time, with a cinnamon goodness that rounds it all out.
 This is another "one bowl" recipe- LOVE those.

2 Sticks marg or butter
2 C sugar
2 C flour
4 eggs.
2 tsp almond extract
cinnamon sugar
Mix together. Spread in greased 9 x 15 pan. Sprinkle with cinn/sug. Bake @ 350 fir 25-30 mins.

This week has been so busy and good. Full of wonderful people and friends that we haven't seen due to busy summers. Our busy week started off with a relaxing and perfect weekend that included a beach day, a Tre K groupon breakfast and Sten preaching at church. 
 Hej Tre K Patio... we LOVE it.
 Beach snacks.

 Truth Graffiti. Is that the ocean or Lake Michi?

 Got up at 5a to do my training run. This was my first view from lake shore drive after being on Foster. I had to snap a photo to remember why there are pluses for getting up so early and running 16 miles.
Went to hot yoga after work today and was HOT. Sweat just drips off of you for 1 hour straight. Its a great detox- love it.

Tomorrow we have a wedding to attend. I can't believe it's August. 
Things I want to do before the heat leaves for 9 months:
- dine outside 2 x.
- go camping.
- swim at the beach .
- eat lots of ice cream.
- take walks outside in the evening.
- go on LOTS of outdoor runs.

Last, but not least. I am obsessed with the Olympics. I don't remember loving it this much ever in my life and I just can't get enough of it. I think about it at work and on my train ride home, even in the morning drinking my coffee-  and I just want to see that little Gabby win SOOOO bad. GO GABBY GO!!!!!!!!!!

xxoo. e