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When we went to Michigan....

Sten and I went to Michigan this past week and had the time of our lives. I've never felt luckier to be right where we are right now, and I felt more content with life than I have since forever. We both decided we really like vacation and seem to be really happy. Interesting- huh?
Things we did:
Day 0.5:
- sat on the dock, listened to crickets, looked at the stars, inhaled the sweet smell of summer time and talked about us.
Day 1:
- slept in.
- turned our music up loud, put our windows down and drove to the point.
- laid in the sun, read our books, dipped our toes in the water and listened to the waves crash against the coast.
- wine tasted in Onekama.
- turned our music up loud, windows down and drove to Arcadia lookout.
- dined in style at the Bluffs.

 this is my favorite view in the whole world.

 Sten took this picture. It doesn't even capture the full beauty of this place.
 Day 2:
- slept in.
- packed up.
- hiked the baldy trail.
- picnic lunched.
- turned our music up loud, rolled the windows down and drove to Crystal Mountain.
- stopped at St. Amborse Cellars for a wine tasting of honey wines.
- checked out our sweet groupon digs in Crystal Mtn.
- wine o clock happy hour before dinner.
- hot tub!

 Best looking hiker in the Midwest.

 we have about a million pictures like this.

 free and easy down the road we go.
 his and hers.

Our Crystal Mtn lodge- pretty high class.
 Day 3 (best day of my life):
- hit the road for Taverse City.
- picnic lunch overlooking the water.
- turned our Dierks Bentley CD up loud and drove up M22 to the Leelanau Pennisula and visited wineries and fudge shoppes and had the absolute BEST afternoon.
- Dinner at the North Peak Brewery before the MAIN reason for our trek: 
- DIERKS BENTLEY at the Microbrew Fest!
- had to make a late night stop at our favorite MI land mark: the well.

 first stop along the wine trail:

 I decided that if I could re-do our wedding, I would get married at a winery in Michigan.
second stop:

 third stop and Stens favorite:

 our fourth stop and MY favorite:
 we tasted these grapes- SO cool.
 we closed this place down...
 dinner before the concert at North Peak, not to be confused with North Park.

 I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. It was SO fun.

Day 4:
- packed up the cabin. 
- walked around camp and said goodbye to PLCBC (until next time)
- went back to the point and swam in FREEZING cold lake michigan.
- sadly headed home :(

So many pictures! I think we will look back on this trip as one of the best times we've ever had. Maybe it was because it was our first and only real vacation of the summer... or maybe it was just one of those times when you are extra careful to bask in all the glory of God and not take one second for granted.... whatever it was, we are thankful for this trip and for the State of Michigan for delivering so much FUN.

xoxo. e