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Half Marathon + Michigan + FALL!

aaannnnnnddddddd BACK! Michigan was awesome! We had the best time. I have so many favorites of the trip. However, today  on our drive home we stopped in southern Michigan and the sky was bright blue, the air was crisp, and the sun was hot- it was the perfect combination for sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine over-looking the vineyards changing colors....aaahhh if I could transport myself right back into that spot, I would.
I had my camera out in full force. The only event I forgot to document was pasta loading on the first night at Olive Garden.
 Ready to race.
 Having been called the "Bakers Dozen Beer Run" this race did NOT disappoint. There were donuts at the start and beer at the finish.

 Ran a personal best.

 Perfect day for 13 miles.
 The shirt says: No cause, No sponsors, No charities, No point.... haha! It was just that and a pretty  fun group of people!
 Lots of racers at the finish!
 Who doesn't love a good getting ready session? I have never looked so good! Mandy is an excellent make up artist/ fashion guru.
 We had dinner and sangria at a tapas restaurant in Kalamazoo, and it was fantastic, it was also a full moon and a perfect night to check out the town.

 The wine loft for a classy glass of wine.

Last stop.... Live music and owning the dance floor. (literally, the ONLY ones on the dance floor)

 So beautiful!

 wine and chats at Contessa Winery.

 Apple Market. HELLO!

 Those apple donuts were the best thing I have ever eaten.
Pumpkin patch.

I can't even begin to say how thankful I am for Jordan and Mandy. I love them with my whole heart and am the luckiest person to get to work with them everyday. 

Exactly ONE week until my full marathon! So excited.

Off to make applesauce/apple butter/ apple crisp/ apple pie.....