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Pico + Sept Pics.

Homemade Pico is like, the best thing ever. It takes a long time and LOTS of chopping, but the finished product is totally worth it. Even if you end up getting a couple blisters along the way (improper knife skills).

My Uncle Bruce is a gardener extraordinaire. His city backyard is something to see! He even has Honeycrisp Apples - JEALOUS! I couldn't even grown Zucchini in Colorado which is the equivalent of growing weeds in a park. I am destined not to be a gardener.... Sten and I went to my aunt and uncles for dinner and returned with a bag full of tomatoes and peppers-- #lucky :)

so so so good.
 doesn't that look so fresh and organic?
 tomatoes, onion, garlic, peppers, cilantro, lime, salt, cumin DONE.
The best thing about pico de gallo is that you can put whatever you want in it and it still turns out great. Key ingredients: cilantro and lime. 

Sten and I could have eaten the whole bowl of this in one sitting. Thank you Bruce and Cheryl!

Happy Harvesting!

 In other news, I clearly have not been updating my blog very often. Here are some recent events:

 Emily's Wedding!! I wish I took more pictures. I think I was so overwhelmed with EVERYthing being extremely adorable and photo worthy, I didn't think I would be able to capture it.
 I had so much fun being a bridesmaid on Emily's perfect day.
 Could these two be ANY cuter? Emily was beyond gorgeous and danced the night away, like only Emily could.
 She MADE this cake. #talented.
 She made this too. #supertalented.
 Sten and I babysat Elin a couple weeks ago and I'm serious when I say she just gets cuter and cuter. I just love her.
 Sten. aka. Baby whisperer.
 Chipotle Fest. WIN!
 Yes, we did sit next to Bill Hybels wife at Willow last week AND she told Sten during the time when you shake hands that we were a cute couple. We are both kicking ourselves that we didn't introduce ourselves and ask if she could put in a good word about us :)
 Kira couldn't be any more special in my heart. She has the sweetest little voice, laugh, smile, demeanor, and is just the best baking buddy. Our second baking day was a success :)
It was Friday. It was a long week and these dweeb glasses just make everything at work 50x better. Couldn't ask for better co-workers.

That's September in pictures.