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Saturday. Fall-day. Sunny-day. Quiet-day.

All of my favorite things in one day. Only thing missing is Sten. He's at a men's retreat and I am home alone. I am seriously lonely... ha! How lame is that? So far I have:
- ran 10 miles.
- danced around the apartment.
- washed the dishes/cleaned up.
- lit my candles.
- planned my week.

I mean, I have alllll day tomorrow as well. WHAT AM I GOING DO? I am pathetically hopelessly in love with Sten and I miss him!

Last night suburbin' Kate came into the city! I broke my goal of not drinking until my marathon and we drank wine, talked and took a cab to J.Parker... Wish she still lived in the citttayyy!

 Fall evening out. LOVE these 2.
 no wine open- NO problem! - googled it.

Who knows where Sten and I will be next year at this time, but Fall nights in the city will be missed.

I am trying 4 Pinterest recipes this week. I can't wait to share them.