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I love this month. I think the fall brings out the best in people. Who doesn't love apple and pumpkin themed events and festivities and football?!
On September 7th, I realized I've got 1 month until the big Marathon! Can.NOT believe its already almost here! I kicked it into high gear and made some goals as only I know how to do. They include: 
 1. No Sweets, 2. No alcohol.
These are VERY lofty goals and I have already wanted to quit about 10x. I figured if I wrote it on my blog, it would basically be etching it in stone- now I REALLY can't cheat, because I will feel like such a loser. I am missing having a glass of wine at dinner with Sten, but I think this will greatly help me run my best. On Saturday I ran 20.5 miles (and had a personal best- avg. 8:13 min miles)! I felt good, and it re-confirmed I the reasons I love to run. At mile 8 I met up with my friend Jordan and we ran the last 12 together. It was so great to have someone running next to me. I can't wait to do the race with all those strangers in the Twin Cities in 28 days!

Happy September! May your month be full of fall activities, soccer and football games, and lots of good memories.