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I feel like October is going too fast. 31 days in this much anticipated month doesn't seem like enough. There's so much food to taste, leaves to crunch and fall gatherings to attend- and I don't want it to end. It's strange, but a little bit of me feels like my life came to a halt after my marathon was over. The days seem to be passing by with less meaning. Suddenly I don't have a big looming event on my calendar. I feel like over the last 2 weeks I've almost let myself go. I'm someone who needs a calendar with lots of things to look forward to, lots of events, goals, deadlines to get from here to there.... I don't know if this is a good quality, or a bad one, but it's what gets me through my days. I feel like health is usually on the fore-front of my brain, but sometimes, when I'm not thinking, it gets pushed to the back and I have to put myself in check. I think I had one of those moments tonight.

so.... I unrolled my yoga mat. It was stiff and I felt much less flexible and yoga-ish than I have in the past. I added to my calendar to go to yoga more. I put dates on the calendar for yoga class and for training runs (Sten and I are doing a 10k in December). I am ready to make Oct/Nov/Dec months of health. I made lofty goals, and I wrote them in pen, so I couldn't erase them.


Sten and I have had a good week. Kicked it off with our favorite Monday night shows, dined downtown Tuesday, and had a lovely, cozy time at small group last night. It's my quiet Thursday night alone, I've got some candles lit, I'm listening to Bon Iver and although its only 9p, I am ready to crawl into bed and start my new read.

cheers to a healthy fall.