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Marathon... CHECK!

It's Friday! At this time last week I hadn't had a good night sleep in about 6 days and I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I was flying to MN to run my Marathon... and now, marathon is done and we're almost half way through October. It was such a fun, short weekend. And I loved running through Minneapolis and St. Paul.

 To things about Amos: #1. He makes you feel like a million bucks because he smiles at EVERYTHING you do. #2. He ALWAYS has his hands in his mouth!
 Blueberry Pancakes on Saturday morning.

 My official time. My goal was under 4hours, so I beat my goal!

I have been out. of. commission. !! I couldn't walk Monday and Tuesday- and up until yesterday was having lots of difficulty going down stairs. I am feeling in tip top shape this morning and can't wait to get out and move.

North Park Homecoming is this weekend! Go Vikings!

xo. erica


  1. Woah, awesome time, Erica!! You are inspiring! :)

    1. Thanks Kathryn! Love that you are blogging again! :)


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