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I can't believe it's October 2012.


I feel a rush of emotions when I think about the future. Pure excitement. Doubt. Calmness. Terror. Happiness. Hopefulness. Peace. Unrest. All in the same 60 seconds. It seems like up until now, I have been able to not have a plan of where we will be when Sten graduates in 8 months. But now the time is coming, and we still don't have a plan. I know God has a plan for us. A big one. A grand one. Full of adventures, new friends, a new church family and new territory to explore. I've done lots of pondering (while I peeled, and chopped 14 apples for applesauce)- can you tell?

I want to be the best wife for Sten. The most supportive person, his number one fan. I want to be the one he bounces all of his thoughts off of. The one who sits and listens to all his ideas. The one who is present every day. I am feeling especially thankful for him tonight.

My October goals are:
- enjoy the now
- do not stress about the future
- show Sten how much I appreciate him

xo erica,