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Summa is ova.

With this last surge of Chicago warmth, you would almost be tricked into thinking that summer is still here, but this weekend the high is 42 and in less than 2 weeks we have to turn our clocks back. My summer tan is gone, as are the days of waking up to the sun shining and going to bed way too late because all you want to do is be outside on a summer eve drinking a crisp white wine and talking about your vacations.
I haven't really had much time to reflect on my summer, but I was looking through some recent pictures tonight and remembering all the fun we had when Sten wasn't busy at CPE and I wasn't at work. Here are the highlights of my summer:

camping with my man. building a fire. sleeping in a tent and relaxing.
 cheers-ing to Kate and Peter's new house in the 'burbs. its cozy and the company is perfect.
spending summer nights downtown...
 house sitting in Evanston

 trying out new restaurants with Sten.
 Celebrating Ashley's wedding with the best High School friends in the world
 mom and dad visiting from MN.
 Bryce, Ryann, Drake and Baby Raine visiting from CO
 summer skillet and dinner parties with friends.
 weekend bike rides to the beach
 morning training runs along the lake front path at sunrise.
 Jake and Ashley's wedding
 Emily's bach party!
 Amos' first trip to Chicago!
 Elin turns 2!
 the best weekend of my life... Sten and Erica's dream vacation to Michigan
country concerts, wine tasting, beaching, thinking the world was perfect and loving every second of our time together.
Emily and Caleb's Wedding
 Chipotle fest
 Michigan girls trip.
 and I ended my summer by running a marathon.

So sad this summer is over, it is far and away my favorite season if you didn't know that already. In the summer, Sten and I opt for evening walks instead of a night in front of the tv, there are patio's to sit at, meat to grill, lawn games to play, and tents to sleep in. Fall has it's perks as well, but nothing beats a hot summer day at the beach. Goodbye Chicago summer-- it has been so real.

xo. e