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Thanksgiving. MN style.

Thanksgiving has been and always will be one of my all time favorite days of the year. So much joy and celebration. This year was no different. Sten and I packed a lot in our mini-vacation. 

 My mom is the best at making beds. This is what we came home to on Tuesday night after driving 6+ hours. So warm, cozy and welcoming.
 cutest little guy around. couldn't.handle.his.adorableness
 got to witness his first squash eating... a success!
 dinner with the fam before the T-WOLVES GAME!!!
 Great seats! SOOOO much fun even though we didn't win.
 my mom got this little idea from the newspaper, everyone wrote what they were thankful for.
 23 place settings set and ready! Couldn't wait for family to arrive!
 traditional games all evening long.
This little bug is a heart warmer. 

On Sunday Sten and I got to be part of Amos' dedication, and although I couldn't make it through the prayer without bawling my eyes out, I know Amos will grow up to know God, and love God from the awesome example of his mom and dad.

Boy was it as hard as ever to go back to work on Monday. However, this week is going by fast. 
xo, e.