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I just realized I didn't do my typical monthly post, and although the month is over half way over, I don't feel like I can over look it.
Still no snow in Chicago however, its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and I can't wait for family to get here. Tonight we have our small group Christmas party and this weekend we plan on watching our fill of Christmas movies snuggled up in our jammies drinking something that warms the soul.

Today my blog was featured on Sten's cousin Kathryn's blog: The Pickled Herring. Currently she is featuring a Scandinavian Christmas with guest bloggers and asked me to participate! Her blog is so great and you really should check it out.

I may not post until after Christmas therefore I want to leave with one of my favorite pictures ever:

Last year we celebrated Christmas with my family in MN and one night my sister and BIL took us to an old theater for a $1 showing of "It's a Wonderful Life". I had never seen it before and thought it was the most magical Christmas movie in the entire world. This picture was taken that night and it brings back warm memories of being with family and all the joy this season brings.

Don't get me wrong- can't wait to be doing this:

in 18 days!