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chocolate chip cookie bars.

Its a rainy evening here in Chicago. Sten's out of the house and I had big plans in my head to clean and go to bed to early and enjoy my quiet night in. Maybe I'll still be able to mark those things off my list when my next surge of ambition hits!
I can't believe this is the last week of January. What a great month! Sten and I rang in the new year together and then flew off to Mexico to chase the waves and bask in the sun. How incredibly awesome is that?
February is one my favorite months. Super Bowl, Ground Hogs Day, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, My Birthday, Short month.... whatever it is, there is just something about February that I've always loved.
Last night Sten and I watched Downtown from Sunday (a little surprised!) and Biggest Loser. We got into the habit of eating something unhealthy while watching BL with Bryce and Ryann when we lived in Colorado. At their house it would always be Dark Peanut M &M's or scotcharoos. At our house it was whatever swe…


It's so hard to believe that a week ago we were over halfway through our family vacation to Mexico. It was the perfect vacation filled with tons of sunshine, family time, reading, relaxing, games, sunrises, sunsets, runs, and really good food.
Isla Mujeres is a small island off the coast of Cancun. It is quaint, and endearing and a place my family has absolutely fallen in love with. I am so glad Sten and I were able to go this year. The island feels more and more like home and it was so hard to leave. I took a lot of pics and I'd love to share some of them....
I didn't quite capture it before the wave!  The UltraMar ferry we take over to the Island  The first morning we drank our coffee as we drank in the view  Sunset pic.  View from our roof  morning run  Mom and I walking to the beach  Love all the colors
 North Beach. There is nothing more beautiful  Favorite girl in the universe.  He was the cutest beach bum for miles and miles.  Where I spent the majority of my days …

cheers! 2013

Happy New Year!

Having the influenza made it not the most eventful New Year Eve, but I was with the one I love, and really that's all that matters- right?

Christmas was a blur of family, presents and being sick :( The flu got me good and I am finally feeling 100%- just in time for MEXICO! I can't believe we leave in 2 days! I am so ready to lay on the beach and soak in the sun.

Is it too late for NY resolutions? I hope not. I love resolutions. I love fresh starts and setting goals. I love looking back over the past year and reflecting on the good, and learning from the bad.
My highlights of 2012 include: a Mexican vacation with Kate and Peter, celebrating 26 with friends, bike rides in March, a niece and a nephew in May, camping, summer marathon training, MN vacations/weddings, lots of new recipes, Michigan with Sten, Michigan with Mandy and Jordan, completing the marathon, Thanksgiving at home, spending Christmas with the Carlson fam... It's been a good year.

2013 is for …