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cheers! 2013

Happy New Year!

Having the influenza made it not the most eventful New Year Eve, but I was with the one I love, and really that's all that matters- right?

Christmas was a blur of family, presents and being sick :( The flu got me good and I am finally feeling 100%- just in time for MEXICO! I can't believe we leave in 2 days! I am so ready to lay on the beach and soak in the sun.

Is it too late for NY resolutions? I hope not. I love resolutions. I love fresh starts and setting goals. I love looking back over the past year and reflecting on the good, and learning from the bad.
My highlights of 2012 include: a Mexican vacation with Kate and Peter, celebrating 26 with friends, bike rides in March, a niece and a nephew in May, camping, summer marathon training, MN vacations/weddings, lots of new recipes, Michigan with Sten, Michigan with Mandy and Jordan, completing the marathon, Thanksgiving at home, spending Christmas with the Carlson fam... It's been a good year.

2013 is for new beginnings! We most likely be moving, starting over in a new town and we are so excited about our next adventure together. Other resolutions include:
Having more will-power, I want to do what I say and follow-through with commitments I make to others and to myself.
I received a doughnut pan for Christmas from my good friend m.schaus- in 2013 I want to try a new doughnut recipe each month and perfect the art of baked doughnuts.
Lastly, I want to be neat-er. I don't want to leave things out, or wait to put things away until it's a mess. Clean as I go is my goal for 2013!

Today Sten is finishing up a J-term class and I am going to clean, go to yoga, finish packing, squeeze in my first run of 2013 and then watch the VIKINGS game. phew.

Cheers to a new year!

 here's to a healthy 2013! :)

 Happy Birthday Sten, I hope this is your best year yet!
 Downtown Geneva before the influenza got us.
 Horrible picture, but this little sweetheart is just the best. Drake doesn't stay still long enough to get a picture, so I don't have a single one of him, but he is as cute as ever and so fun.
 My sissy sent this picture to me last week and every time I look at it I just want to burst into tears. Amos just adores his g-pa. Those 3 are pretty special. 


  1. oh no--influenza=no fun! (I have some form of it now as well.) cute Christmas pictures! love the doughnut pan. I hope you enjoy Mexico!


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