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2 year blogging anniversary!

Can't believe I started this little bloggy 2 years ago today. It's been a fun way to document recipes and our life while Sten is in Seminary.
I haven't been as good at keeping up this year, mostly because I don't think our life is as exciting and I've been bad about trying new recipes... BUT in year 3 of blogging I hope to document our life changes as Sten graduates and we move on from this stage. I have no idea what the coming months will bring, but we are eagerly waiting, praying and listening to God.

This year brought:
- my 26th Birthday.
- the green river (on my 26th life list)
- camping.
- my favorite post from this year.
- a niece and a nephew, both adorable.
- summer visits from family members.
- our epic vacation to Michigan.
- a half marathon
- a full marathon
- lasagna soup (which i have made about 10x since)
- the best Mexican vacation
- a whole nother year of blogging!

 cheers! thank you to all who read, it means so much to me!


AVT Holiday Party

This weekend was such a good one! We:

- Drove out to Westmont to see Caleb and Emily's new apartment and were greeted with a delicious burger bar with ALL the fixings. We are so glad they live close and I can't wait for more dinner parties and game nights.
- Had a lazy Saturday running errands and doing nothing until my work party downtown.
- Woke up early Sunday to drive to Geneva in the rain after not getting much sleep the night before.
- Came home in a daze and "watched" (I was asleep) every sports event on TV from the hours of 1-6p.
- Had dinner with Karoline and caught up on life.
- Slept so good last night!
- Decided (2) late nights in a row are killers, and I can't do that like I used to!

The AVT party was a blast. It is so fun to get dressed up and go downtown for a night of cocktails, good food and dancing. It's almost like pretending you're someone who is a regular on the Chicago night life scene, when we couldn't be further from it! It…

Valentine's Cupcakes for 2.

Valentine's week is here! As of right now Sten and I have no plans for Thursday, but I do know that I will be making these cupcakes! Last year we stayed in and it was really nice to dodge the crowded restaurants and cook at home (a new tradition, perhaps?).

These cupcakes are super tasty and easy, and there is no temptation to have more than 1 :) I made chocolate frosting, which I think really added to the deliciousness.

Vanilla Cupcakes
Yield: 2
From the kitchen of how sweet it is

1 egg white
2 Tbls Sugar
2 Tbls Butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 C Flour
1/3 tsp baking soda
1 Tbls Milk

Mix ingredients together. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

Chocolate Frosting
Yield: 2 cupcakes

1/2 Tbls Butter
1/2 C Powdered Sugar
1 Tbls cocoa powder
splash of vanilla
splash of milk.

mix until smooooth.

Sten and I really enjoyed this treat tonight as we watched Biggest Loser.
I hope everyone hugs those they love a little tighter this Thursday. I have so many people in my life that I would love to share a…