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2 year blogging anniversary!

Can't believe I started this little bloggy 2 years ago today. It's been a fun way to document recipes and our life while Sten is in Seminary.
I haven't been as good at keeping up this year, mostly because I don't think our life is as exciting and I've been bad about trying new recipes... BUT in year 3 of blogging I hope to document our life changes as Sten graduates and we move on from this stage. I have no idea what the coming months will bring, but we are eagerly waiting, praying and listening to God.

This year brought:
- my 26th Birthday.
- the green river (on my 26th life list)
- camping.
- my favorite post from this year.
- a niece and a nephew, both adorable.
- summer visits from family members.
- our epic vacation to Michigan.
- a half marathon
- a full marathon
- lasagna soup (which i have made about 10x since)
- the best Mexican vacation
- a whole nother year of blogging!

 cheers! thank you to all who read, it means so much to me!



  1. happy 2nd blog birthday! I have really enjoyed reading!


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