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AVT Holiday Party

This weekend was such a good one! We:

- Drove out to Westmont to see Caleb and Emily's new apartment and were greeted with a delicious burger bar with ALL the fixings. We are so glad they live close and I can't wait for more dinner parties and game nights.
- Had a lazy Saturday running errands and doing nothing until my work party downtown.
- Woke up early Sunday to drive to Geneva in the rain after not getting much sleep the night before.
- Came home in a daze and "watched" (I was asleep) every sports event on TV from the hours of 1-6p.
- Had dinner with Karoline and caught up on life.
- Slept so good last night!
- Decided (2) late nights in a row are killers, and I can't do that like I used to!

The AVT party was a blast. It is so fun to get dressed up and go downtown for a night of cocktails, good food and dancing. It's almost like pretending you're someone who is a regular on the Chicago night life scene, when we couldn't be further from it! It's so great.

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few:
 Sten is so handsome. I am one lucky girl.
 Our table before dinner started. It's like a dream come true with all these wine glasses.
 My friends. Don't know what I'd do without these 2. Sad that Kari's not in this pic!!


AVT Holiday Party, you never disappoint!