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I can't believe my Birthday has come and gone and it's March 3rd. What a crazy time of year this is. My Birthday was a success with a great brunch with friends, cake with Sten's family and a trip to MN to visit my sis and Amos. A very Happy Birthday indeed!
 Didn't take ANY picture of my friends at brunch. BLUNDER.
 This sign greeted me as I walked into my mother-in-law's house on Sunday.
 Ugh, I love this boy.

Below was my 26 list I did pretty well:

1. Eat less sugar. -didn't happen.
2. Go camping.
3. Drink more water and less other beverages.
4. Go see and take pictures with the Chicago river when they dye it green. Such a fun memory!
5. Hold my new baby niece and nephew until they fall asleep. Love those little ones.
6. Go to a concert. Dierks Bently
7. Run a half or full marathon. Did BOTH!
8. Save lots of money for a new house some day. We did a good job of saving this year.
9. Unplug once a month. didn't happen
10 .Go to a Chicago sporting event. idk if I did this or not, must not have.
11. Go somewhere other than MN, WI, MI, and CO. (because I already know I am going there)  Mexico!
12. Try 5 new restaurants. prob tried 15
13. Surprise Sten with something great.
14. Be a better pen pal. Sorta?
15. Be a better friend.?
16. Make time for people. ?
17. Blog a lot. didn't do the best at this.
18. Cook a lot.
19. Build a fort in our living room and sleep in it. Fail.
20. Go on a long bike ride on a sunny summer day.
21. Find a great hiking spot.
22. Host a dinner party and fill up our table with food and friends.

23. Paint my nails more.
24. Work toward getting certified in yoga.
25. Cheer for other peoples victories.
26. Love myself more

I have been thinking a lot about my list for this year and it's been a little more difficult since I really don't know where we'll be. However below is my 27 list:

1. Eat less sugar - take 2.
2. Move out of our apartment.
3. Trust God during all the changes and transitions.
4. Read Jesus Calling and use my new journal daily.
5. Cement traditions like "pizza every Sunday night" and "runs on Saturday". (Sten doesn't know about that second one yet)
6. Want less.
7. Get to a Cubs game before we move.
8. Take time every day to pray for Sten.
9. Apply lotion more
10. Get new glasses.
11. Continue to document life by taking lots of pictures.
12. Tell friends how thankful I am for them.
13. Write more letters.
14. Blog at least 2x a month.
15. Go boating.
16. Go to our favorite Chicago restaurant.
17. Read lots of books.
18. Go to Door County this summer.
19. Watch Sten walk across the stage to receive his diploma at Graduation! 
20. Go camping x2!
21. Explore the new town we live in and find our favorite nooks
22. Live more simply.
23. More game nights with friends.    
24. Enjoy the present moment and stop complaining.
25. Soak up time with friends and family.
26. Bake bread.
27. Thank God each day.

Looking forward to this year as I know it will bring about lots of new experiences and a crazy amount of adventure. 

xo. erica.          


  1. I loved this post, Erica! I started doing something very similar in my 26th year.. I didn't make a list of 27 for this year, but I did make another list. Such a great way to think about and reflect on your goals throughout the year :)


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