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It has come to my attention that I have fallen off the blogging wagon! I have never wanted this to be the case! I will blame it on the first trimester and being extremely tired, lazy and feeling nauseous almost 100% of the time....
Spring is springing in Chicago and my energy has returned! I went for a run Friday on Lake Shore Drive and it was the highlight of my spring so far. It felt so good to be out on the path with all the other runners and the sun was beating, it was the BEST!
Sten and I went to Lake Geneva Friday after work with our small group for a little get away. It was so fun to be together. We had a blast, and Hannah took some AWESOME pictures you can view them HERE. What a sad day it will be when our group disperses...  You don't get to live in the same city as your college friends forever, and we have definitely taken advantage of it!
We celebrated Easter with Sten's family where his aunt Nancy made an amazing dinner and we got to spend time with the fam- it was lovely!

I am hoping to accomplish a few things this month, including:

- dinner dates with friends
- more runs on Lake Shore
- flying to Kentucky to see my Grandpa
- trying not to eat our Easter candy in one sitting
- soaking up these April rays.
- using our Groupon to Adobo Grill as it expires at the end of the month
- make a plan/get tickets to go to a Cubs game
- have a date night with Sten
- pack up our winter stuff once I know the warm weather is here to stay

We had our 16 week check up today, and got to hear the heartbeat again. It was awesome! Can't believe that in 4 short weeks we will find out B or G!!! AYE AYE!



  1. I had been wondering how you were feeling! Glad to hear you're now feeling better (at least energy-wise - I hope your nausea goes away, it is THE WORST). So excited for your future mommy blogging!


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