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Fall Babies with my besties

This weekend Sten and I met Anne/Pete at Kate/Peters for a celebration. What were we celebrating?!


Baby Carlson: coming in September
Baby Anderson: coming in October
Baby Johnson: coming in November

I cannot believe it and I am over the moon excited to share this time with my 2 great friends!

We talked about baby products, taco dip, sickness, future, bottles, bathing suits, parenting and everything else babies for 5 hours. It was a dream come true! I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet to get to share this time with them. Even though we will be living in 3 different states all our babies will grow up and graduate in the same year from NPU- Class of '35!  :)
We have triple the babies to pray for now and we are SO excited!


  1. how sweet! I didn't know Anne & Katie are pregnant as well! all three baby bumps are adorable!


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