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Monkey Bread

Phew! It has been a whirl-wind of a May. Sten graduated and I end my career (in 8 working days) at AVT with my largest group of the year- I have been so busy at work the LAST thing I want to do when I get home is sit down at the computer and type :)
I am feeling especially nostalgic tonight. I'm home alone and Sten has been busy this week packing up our apartment. Our goal is have everything packed by the time I am done with work so that we can enjoy the city and squeeze in every last 'Chicago' thing we want to do. I am so going to miss this little apartment. It is the longest we have ever lived somewhere and, although the decor is not my favorite, we have made so many wonderful memories here. I am ecstatic about our house and our new city- but it is going to be hard to say goodbye. Lots of tears.
I've been feeling lots of movement in my tummy lately and finally Sten got to feel a little kick. I just so happened to catch his shocked expression and my heart just soared- it was such a happy moment. We are getting so excited.

I made Monkey Bread for Mother's Day Brunch a couple weeks ago and since I haven't been documenting much cooking these days, I thought I'd share this GEM of a recipe with you in case you happen to desire a treat this Memorial Day!

quarter the biscuits, then toss with cinnamon + sugar in a sealed bag
spray the bundt and then toss in all the quartered cinn/sugar biscuit pieces
almost ready for the oven
melt 2 sticks butter + 1/2 C brown sugar
Pour mixture over the biscuit pieces.
take a picture of your brunch table
out of the oven!
Flipped it over and it turned out PERFECT!
Maybe the best treat ever.
Slightly adapted from: The Pioneer Woman

My mom used to make Monkey Bread on extremely happy Saturday mornings. I don't know what the occasion was or if she just wanted to spoil us with cinnamon/carmel goodness. Whatever the case, thanks mom! Monkey Bread is easily one of my favorite breakfast foods.



  1. this monkey bread looks delicious!
    how crazy that you will be done working in a matter of days.
    I hope that you'll still have many chances to visit Chicago with the baby!

    floral & fudge

  2. This post is going to be so neat for you to look back on someday. Even as someone who is not so far removed from my first baby and our first big move to a new city (and certainly we haven't had the last of those moves) it just brings back for me that point in life where it's kind of like your whole world of *you* and being young and having new adventures has been spinning and spinning and is about to reach that point where it becomes all about someone else. Not to say that you won't still be you post-kids but there's something about that divide that is so final in terms of sort of being "a kid" still. It may seem like a tiny blog post now but I guarantee you someday this post will really take your breath away a little bit. I'm so excited for you guys, even having only met you a few times - can't wait to read your mommy posts. XOXO.

    1. Oh my, I am just reading this now! what a sweet note Lisa!! Thank you for your encouragement!! xoxox!


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