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This is my sister. She's beautiful inside and out, the true heart of a woman who loves without ceasing. We haven't lived in the same state consistently since she went away to college over 10 years ago (I guess technically we still don't live in the same state). In the past couple weeks I've been able to see her a lot and it makes me so grateful that God gave me a sister. And really, not just any sister, but Jessica in particular. I think He knew I needed someone like her to keep me whole, and loving and to teach me to be less about me and more about others. I love watching the way her son adores her and her husband dotes on her. The world is a better place because she's in it.

xo. Erica

Menomonie Wisconsin!

We moved! It's true that according to Menomonie WI made it in the 20 best small towns in America- #15 to be exact. We are settling well to our new home and couldn't be more excited to see new adventures unfold.
- We have been here for 13 days... In that time we have painted 3 rooms and unpacked the majority of our boxes.
- We live in the most welcoming town in America. We've received cinnamon rolls, banana bread, cookies and milk, wine, gift cards and dinner invitations.
- We love our church and look forward to making friends.
- We have 3 decks that we spend the majority of our time on (when we're not painting). I told Sten the day we moved in the front deck is worth the price of the whole house. Please come over for a glass of wine, or some lemonade :)
- Our little baby girl is 27 wks and 2 days today. We cannot wait to meet her. The nursery is our next project.
- It is so fun to be close to my family. We are about 1 hour to my parents/ my s…