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Menomonie Wisconsin!

We moved! It's true that according to Menomonie WI made it in the 20 best small towns in America- #15 to be exact. We are settling well to our new home and couldn't be more excited to see new adventures unfold.
- We have been here for 13 days... In that time we have painted 3 rooms and unpacked the majority of our boxes.
- We live in the most welcoming town in America. We've received cinnamon rolls, banana bread, cookies and milk, wine, gift cards and dinner invitations.
- We love our church and look forward to making friends.
- We have 3 decks that we spend the majority of our time on (when we're not painting). I told Sten the day we moved in the front deck is worth the price of the whole house. Please come over for a glass of wine, or some lemonade :)
- Our little baby girl is 27 wks and 2 days today. We cannot wait to meet her. The nursery is our next project.
- It is so fun to be close to my family. We are about 1 hour to my parents/ my sister and 30 mins from my mom's side of the family.
- There are days I wish I had my freedom and could hop on the EL and ride to a new Chicago neighborhood... We are a 1-car family right now and there is no public transportation in Menomonie.
- We live 0.6 miles from the Mayo clinic! It's only a 10 minute walk. I have already met our Dr. and we feel really good about delivering there.

- We had lots of goodbyes. Reminding us of our wonderful friends and family in Chicago, and sadness that this chapter of our lives has come to an end.
 Our last small group/ surprise baby shower
 Last snacks and deck chats with these two.
 AVT going away party on Rock Bottom rooftop. I worked with the best of the best.
 Last game and dinner night with Em and Caleb.
 The (3!) Johnson's and us in Door County our last get-a-way.
 I wish I would have gotten a picture of our going away party. It was the best, filled with great friends and Portillo's Chocolate cake!
Last night in Chicago we spent with Sten's family at Mim's. It was the best send off and I can't believe we won't be neighbors anymore!

- We also checked a lot of things off our Chicago list: I Monelli, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, Muvico, Willow Creek, Lindo Burritos, Tre Kronor, Tango Sur, Opart Thai, Lou Malnati's, the Shedd, a bike ride/beach day at Montrose and my personal favorite: The Doughnut Vault!
- Then, the last thing we did is stand and pray/cry in our Chicago apartment on Thursday before getting in the Uhaul truck waving goodbye to our millions of wonderful memories.
 Goodbye North Park
Empty apartment

- Now we live in that adorable little house at the top of the post and I can't wait to show pics of the inside, once things are in order! 
- This is what we do on the regular:

Much love from Menomonie!


  1. This makes me soooooo happy! I'm so glad you guys are settling in! I can't wait for that precious girl to come! You deserve the BEST and although (selfishly) I wish you were here...I can't help but get a little teary when I see how happy you guys are! Love you (3!) so much! Xoxo

  2. Sweet! So jealous you get to live near family (and in your own house) when you have your babies! Enjoy! And yeah that is rough with just 1 car. I hope you will be able to get some other type of transit for when you're a mom. We do have transit out here but it takes forever - Mark finally got into bike commuting and he now loves it so much that he never wants to live anywhere where he'd have to drive to work, ever again. Not sure if your area is bikeable for Sten or for you, but it discovering bikes was a real life-saver for us and you can even get a bike trailer for your baby and do it that way - we love ours, I now take the kids out in it on my own all the time!

    1. Sounds so fun to have a little bike trailer! Totally going to do that!!

  3. Your house looks perfect! I'm glad you've been welcomed so well, and that you are in one of the top 20 best towns!
    We are going to be packing our apartment in a couple weeks, and I'm getting a little emotional about leaving Nolan's first home!
    But new chapters are always exciting :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! Good luck on your move- more memories to come :)


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