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JULY + Backyard!

July 1, 2013! What a great month this is- sunny, hot and filled with BBQs and bonfires.

Sten and I had a great weekend- we worked on our backyard and daydreamed about fall nights around a hopeful, someday firepit. The previous owner was an avid gardener and planted TONS of perennials- however, since neither Sten nor I have a green thumb we are in WAY over our heads. We made a plan that will be much more managable and will make better use of the backyard. Here are some before pics:
 Everything is so overgrown... We are so overwhelmed :)

 We started pulling up the bricks, so that we can power wash them and re-lay them with an even foundation.

Here is a drawing of what we are hoping to do. Low maintenance, and more usable space!

This weekend we also went to Jake's Supper Club to check out the live music from someone in Cedarbrooks band. It was so fun, we got to meet a lot people and check out this view:
The concert was awesome and it felt good to get out and about. We also walked to the local farmers market where I got some red potatoes (apparently it's a little early in the season to get much else :) 
and yesterday we went out on Lake Menomin in our neighbors boat. Overall it was a wonderful close to June and we are looking forward to everything July will bring as well.

Here are some things on my July list:
- cook with food from the Farmer's Market
- finish pulling up/cleaning up the bricks from the patio and re-laying them down
- scope out some other local hotspots
- check out the red cedar trail
- celebrate the 4th!
- have someone over for dinner
- go on the youth camping trip
- baby shower in Chicago
- pick out a theme for the baby room
- try a new dessert recipe
- sip lemonade on the deck

Happy July.