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Fresh Homemade Bread

I've had my heart set on baking bread since we moved and even though its 100 degrees outside, I thought this would be my week.
I am happy with how easy it was and how it turned out, especially for one of my first bread endeavors. I'd like to try using wheat flour next time. But wanted to stick with the actual recipe on the first go-around.

ready to rise-- and it did!
Split into thirds
rolled out.
ready to rise for the last time.
SO good!

I found this recipe on Pinterest. The original is found here with better pictures and the recipe. This was so simple, I hope to never buy bread again. Sten loves it! There are only a few ingredients: Water, Yeast, Flour, Oil, Honey. It made 3 loaves, one of them I made into cinnamon bread, which turned out excellent as well. I hope you'll try this bread!

In other news- it's been a great week. Sten and I finished Scraping, Sanding, Spackling and Painting the spare room and I cannot wait to put everything together for the perfect guest room. On Thursday I went into St. Paul to watch Amos and got to see baby Mason, Ashley and Jamie! I wish I would have snapped a pic!!

Happy Labor Day weekend!