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Bay Lake Babymoon.

Labor Day is over and it feels so much like fall around here, despite the 90 degree temperatures! We spent Labor Day at Sten's favorite place-- Bay Lake, MN. His Grandparents bought a cabin there when he was young and watching him walk inside, take in the smell and all the memories and treasures is like a kid in a candy store. I love how places can mean so much to us. It's obviously not the cabin, but rather the people that make Bay Lake special for Sten...however, Bay Lake is pretty great too.  :)
We drove up after church on Sunday and my sister, Mike, and Amos joined us for a night of games, pizza and even a cold boat ride.
Miraculously after Jess and Mike left on Monday the sun came out and Sten and I went for a picnic dinner cruise on the Pontoon. It was such a great evening and so great to be together for one last hurrah before the baby is here. At one point I looked at Sten and said: "I think I am going to miss it just being me and you a little"... Can't believe I voiced that, considering how over the last 9 months all we talk about is how excited we are to do life as a family of 3. But it's the truth!

 On Tuesday morning we lingered over coffee and Sten worked a little before we went for a long walk then went on the boat for a little sun and some swimming. We jointly decided we had to get IN the water- and it was SO worth it. Last swim of the season! (maybe?)

It was a wonderful short vacation and I am so glad we got away. I hope we always have this much fun together, even when we're 80.



  1. I said the same thing before Everly was born, and possibly got a little teary about it.
    : )


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