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Home Stretch.

And by home stretch I mean not tomorrow, but the NEXT day :)

Although I wasn't very diligent about taking pictures of my bump along the way, I have a few and think this cheesy fad will be a fun reminder for years to come.

I remember the exact feeling after taking that test. So much excitement that I was having trouble breathing. I literally couldn't catch my breath. I just kept thinking- no way. Now, 39 weeks later, I still feel like that. 
 after our first dr. appt. we decided we needed to celebrate hearing a heartbeat, so we went to Garcia's.
 ha. not sure, when this was, I think maybe 12 weeks, which means it was really me just getting fat from eating crackers non-stop to keep from feeling nauseous.
 maybe 18 wks?
 20 weeks! found out, its a girl and celebrated with cupcakes and our small group.
 Door County, 25 weeks.
 moved into a new house! 28 weeks.
 35 weeks.
 38 weeks.

Today I am officially 39 weeks and 2 days. She is still butt down, so Friday we will report to the birth suites bright and early for the csection. 

I've been trying to keep myself busy this week so it goes by fast and I think its working. I think Friday morning will be here before we know it.

Some of my favorite memories of being pregnant have been:
- telling friends and family.
- finding out 2 of our best friends are pregnant at the same time
- finding out my sister is also pregnant at the same time
- nights at home with Sten 
- getting off the train at Western to throw up in the garbage can, and then getting right back on the train
- finding out the gender and revealing it with our friends  
- the first time a stranger on the train noticed and gave up his seat for me on my morning commute. 
- feeling her first movements
- Sten feeling her move
- The many hours we have spent trying to pick a name.
- being able to eat donuts regularly. like, at least once a week. 
- stepping on the scale and not worrying about gaining weight.
- moving while pregnant- Sten wouldn't let me lift a box :)
- getting spoiled and showered at my showers.
- getting her nursery all ready and perfect.
- birth class with Sten.
- the anticipation of meeting our new family member!