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Salsa Verde Chicken

Sten and I have been busy these last couple weeks. Sten with Fall kick off at church and me with getting everything ready for baby. I have been trying new and easy recipes lately and have been trying to post the good ones so I remember to make them again when sleep is at a minimum.

This recipe I found on one of my favorite blogs Always Seeking Balance. I don't know where Sue got the recipe from originally, but it is a winner and a keeper for sure! Sten and I LOVED this. Sten always jokes when he likes a recipe he snaps and points his finger in the air and says- "add it to the rotation!". Then we laugh. Needless to say, I will definitely be "adding this to the rotation" because it was probably the easiest thing I've ever made.

Salsa Verde Crock pot Chicken

1 jar Salsa Verde
1 can (4oz) chopped green chiles
1/2 onion- sliced in rings
2 lbs boneless skinless chicken
Grease Crock pot
Pour a thin layer of salsa on the bottom of crock pot, add chicken, pour remaining salsa, onion and green chiles on top.
Cook on high 3 1/2 hours, shred chicken- return to crock pot, turn on low for remaining 30 minutes.
Serve over rice, or in tortillas.

I know this doesn't really look that appetizing, but it has SO much flavor and is really delicious. Last night we put it over rice with some cheese on top, today we put it in tortillas with sour cream. Both options were very tasty!

In other news, we found out last week our little girl is breech. It was a complete shock when the Dr. told me. I was very bummed. I really wanted to have a natural birth and I had an idea in my head of what the experience was going to be like- so I was pretty emotional. All week I have been doing all these home remedies to try to flip her around, but at our last appointment she hadn't flipped- SO we scheduled a c-section for next Friday. We are extremely excited to meet our little one no matter how she comes into the world. It was a little like God was saying, my plans are always better than yours. And I truly believe that. I feel peace about everything and can't believe in 9 days she will be in our arms. I'm so grateful for all of the friends and family who have encouraged and prayed for us this past week. Means more to me than you'll ever know.

I really hope you make this recipe! You will LOVE it!


  1. The chicken sounds tasty!
    Sorry to hear that the baby is breech. I will still be hoping that she flips around for you, but if she doesn't--it's kind of nice to know when she'll be arriving. Nolan was 9 days late, and then I had to be induced--which wasn't really ideal. I'm hoping that won't happen this time! :) Enjoy these last few days of just Erica & Sten time!


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