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Lucy Jane.

Cannot believe our little nugget is 2 weeks and 1 day old today. She has already brought us immeasurable amounts of joy, tears, worry and love. It has been the ultimate example to me about how great our God is.

Lucy was born September 20th at 8:44am weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long. She is perfect.
 pure happiness.

Our time in the hospital was great with lots of wonderful nurses and many great visitors. Lucy is very loved and we are so thankful for family and friends.

 Grandma and Grandpa Print (Left) Stokka family (Right)

 Uncle Mike, big cousin Amos, Dad, and Lucy
Girls! Grandma, aunt Jessica (and baby cousin!), mom and Lucy

When we got home on Monday from the hospital we gave Lucy a tour of her house. There may have been some tears while we paraded her through the hallway and into each room. I can't believe she gets to grow up here. What a lucky lady.

When Lucy was 5 days old we had to take her to the U of M to see a specialist about a congenital cataract in her left eye. The Dr we saw is awesome and out of the 100 cases of babies with cataracts in Minnesota in a year, he does about 80 of the surgeries. Lucy's surgery is scheduled for October 22nd- where they will put her under and remove the cataract. The next few years require contacts and eye patches to strengthen her left eye. Sten and I know without a doubt that this little one is destined for big things and her eye isn't going to stop her. These next couple weeks before the surgery we are just going to enjoy every last minute of her being contact/patch free and pray that God will perform a miracle and heal her up super quick.

On days 6-14 we had lots of visitors! Lucy is a charmer and she got to meet so many family members. It was so fun to share our joy with others.
My cousin Betsy, and her daughter Eleanore
 My cousin Bekah and Lucy

 Aunt Lauren and big cousin Elin
 Grandma Carlson and Lucy!
 Aunt Lauren, Aunt Mim, Grandma and Elin!
 Uncle Bryce, Aunt Ryann big cousins: Raine and Drake
 Big cousin Drake!
Luce, Lucy Lou, LJ, Lucy.
Today we had an AWESOME photographer: Angie Green over to the house to take some newborn pictures of Lucy. I cannot wait to see how they turn out. It's a gloomy fall day and when Sten gets home from church this afternoon we are going to bake something with pumpkin.



  1. Dear lord she is GORGEOUS! Erica JUST this morning I was thinking "When is she going to start her mommy blogging?!" And then I saw this post on Blogger. LOVE. Can't wait to see all the rest of them.

    1. thank you Lisa!! We are having so much fun!!

  2. Lucy is so adorable!! I love the first photo of you holding her for the very first time.
    I am sorry to hear about her cataract and upcoming surgery, but I'm sure we'll all be praying for her, and she'll do so well.
    I just saw the previews of your newborn session on Facebook, and the photos are gorgeous! Your house looks like it's out of a magazine!

    1. thank you Rachel, thank you for your prayers! that means a lot!


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